Clare Hobson

Equestrian Coaching
Clare is a Level 2 licensed English coach and competition specialist with Equestrian Canada.
Clare is a level 2 licensed English coach and competition specialist with Equestrian Canada

Equestrian Training for Riders and Horses

Schooling the Canter on Pik
Schooling the Canter on Pik - Welland ON

re-schooling OTTB - Smithers BC
re-schooling OTTB - Smithers BC


EC Certified Equestrian Coach Specialist.
Dressage, Hunter & Jumper

EC Certified Equestrian Coach Specialist

Coaching at SunnyBrook Stables - Toronto ON
Coaching at SunnyBrook Stables - Toronto ON

My Story

I am not one to "blow my own horn" or "market my own skills" so writing about what I do pushes me outside of my comfort zone.

Warmup with Barney - Thoroughbred
Warmup with Barney - Thoroughbred - Smithers BC

I rode horses for over twenty years and coached professionally for fourteen of them. In pursuit of attaining higher levels of equestrian riding and coaching skills I ventured out from Smithers to Ontario. (London and then Toronto)

Head Coach Kilbyrne Stables London ON
Coaching at Kilbyrne Stables - London ON

Back to Vancouver BC in 1999 my journey changed direction to follow an Internet business building path. Riding and coaching activities were placed on hold.

The next twenty years were spent learning "life" skills, building websites, marketing alternative health products, managing staff and servicing customer needs.

Through a series of circumstances, I find myself living once again in the Bulkley Valley and have the opportunity to rekindle a connection with horses. An unintentional full circle.

Schooling 'Pik' Medium Trot - Welland ON
Schooling 'Pik' Medium Trot - Welland ON

I offer a huge heartfelt thank you to my new wonderful friend (you know who you are) for bravely reaching out to me for lessons. After such a long hibernation I wasn't sure I could still coach but you truly have inspired me to take action and step back into this amazingly creative work with horses.

Lunge lesson - Smithers BC
Coaching handler how to lunge their horse- Smithers BC

I am so very grateful for all the horses, coaches and riders that helped me build a foundation of technical knowledge, correct basics and safe practices.

Lunging Pik - Campbell River BC
Lunging Pik - Campbell River BC

A huge thank you to all my current students, for taking a leap of faith. I am truly humbled for the trust you have in my approach to riding.

Coaching at Black's Equestrian - Hamilton ON
Coaching Black's Equestrian - Hamilton ON

I am not sure what took place in the gap of time away from riding, but I now "see" and "feel" so much more from the horses and riders expression and movements. I believe I now offer more depth, compassion, patience and understanding to seasoned and blossoming equestrian riders.

Schooling 'Brodie' Danish Warmblood - Welland ON
Schooling 'Brodie' Danish Warmblood - Welland ON

I can't promise first place ribbons at competitions nor "fix" a hard core problem horse.

What I can promise is that I will help you improve your position, your riding skills, technically and creatively, and broaden your understanding of your horses motion, actions technically and creatively.

Head Coach Kilbyrne Stables London ON
Coaching at Kilbyrne Stables - London ON

I will work with you and your horse to help you progress from beginner to advanced levels.

If you and your horse are happier from what I impart, I am elated.

Good coaching is an art. This is what I do.

Lessons for 2021

Coaching - Welland ON
Coaching - Welland ON
(on a private or leased horse )
  • approx 60 min
  • flat or jumping
  • one rider
  • $45

Semi Private:
  • approx 60 min
  • flat or jumping
  • two riders
  • $35 each

  • approx 60 min
  • flat or jumping
  • three - five riders
  • $30 each

Some travel fees may apply for some locations
Some arena fees may apply for some locations

Lesson Horses:
You must have your own, rented or leased horse to ride. I do not have lesson horses.

Horses in Training:
Schooling and training of horses will be on an individual basis and by special arrangement only.

Schooling 'Axil' Thoroughbred Cross - Toronto ON
Schooling 'Axil' Thoroughbred Cross - Toronto ON

Waivers & Forms

All students must sign a general release waiver

A) Adult Rider Waiver

B) Junior Rider Waiver
(Parents to sign if rider is under 18)

Emergency Contact Form

Coaching Beginners - Saanich BC
Coaching Beginners - Saanich BC

What others are saying

"Thank you so much for all your help today. I feel like I learn so much each time we meet. I really appreciate your coaching style and your patience with both my horse and me. Thanks for being so awesome!!! I'll be ready for a Wednesday lesson next week."

"Just wanted you to know that I’ve been loving our training, had to go back to basics but you have such a great eye and I like to be challenged. I don’t know who else I can explain the changes I’m seeing to but I’m happy you are there to witness it with me❤. You have been and still are such a huge help, thanks for sticking through the challenges with me. I wish I could share my excitement with more people but know one else knows how hard I’ve worked or how far we’ve come even if we are starting all over again! "

Coaching - Smithers BC
Coaching talented rider - Smithers BC

"When writing this letter of recommendation and reference for Clare Hobson, I reflected on my own equine journey through many disciplines, coaches and provinces over the past 35 years. With starts as a Hunter/Jumper in the Georgian Bay circuit, through the complexities of eventing supported by the coaching of MH Lessard in Amaranth, Ontario, to my new focus on Dressage in British Columbia with Clare Hobson, I find my recent instruction has allowed for a deeper understanding of my position and its influence on effective communication and connection to the horse. Clare’s instruction not only demonstrates an extensive knowledge of Dressage but also for the honest, clear and consistent communication required to be an effective rider. Clare is able to quickly and effectively analyze my personal style and position flaws and offer clear direction for improvement. Her instructional methods of breaking down improvement strategies, offers immediate satisfaction with my Dressage understanding and horse’s performance."

"To Whom It May Concern, Clare Hobson’s exceptional coaching style is evident in the rapid rate at which her students progress. As both a student of Clare’s, and an observer of her other student’s journeys, I can confidently say that any person that works with Clare advances quickly in both skill and technique. This is attributable to Clare’s keen eye for detail, her ability to convey different riding techniques with relatable analogies, and her clear and consistent communication. Clare is very focused on both horse and rider while in a coaching session, and provides very detailed critiques that have substantial effect on the overall performance of the horse and rider. She is always positive in her instruction and pushes lessons at a pace that are challenging but not overwhelming. She allows her students to work through their or their horse’s difficulties and then provides constructive adjustments and helpful tips afterwards to help the student avoid similar issues/difficulties in future rides. Clare is an exceptional coach and I recommend her to anyone looking to advance their riding skills."

Thank you again for being our coach. I walked around on clouds after seeing the videos you sent of my last riding lesson. Thanks to your knowledge and encouragement, I am now truly riding my horse and developing that feel. I can see in the video that my horse is enjoying my improved seat and aids as well. We are keen to work our way up through the next phase of development. Your patience with accommodating my erratic work schedule is much appreciated as well. Both my husband and I have benefitted greatly from your experience and eye for picking up and correcting the details which help us and our horses work more as team.

Clare Hobson has coached my daughter for the past year. As a parent, I have found Clare to be exceptionally professional as a coach. She is open to communication, is always timely and provides a summary of each lesson at the end of each month. My daughter attended one show and Claire was very supportive as a coach.

From My daughter’s prospective, Clare is very knowledge and sets realistic goals for her as a rider. My daughter’s confidence and abilities have continuously improved with Clare’s instruction.

I have been a student of Clare Hobson’s since March of 2020. Since working with and learning from Clare, I have observed growth not only in my riding but also in my relationship with my horse. We have truly become a team that enjoys working with one another. Clare is excellent at meeting my horse and I where we are at and seeing where we can be. She is a dedicated instructor who is flexible to mine and my horse’s needs. She has accompanied me and other students to events and shows and has fostered growth in each lesson and interaction. Clare understands horse behaviours and is able to implement various exercises that meet the needs of the horse and rider. I would highly recommend Clare to anyone who not only wants to improve their riding skills and capabilities, but who also wants to improve their horsemanship and relationship with their equine partner. I have improved by leaps and bounds with my horse, and I am eager to continue our growth with Clare’s assistance.

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General Location: Smithers, BC Canada

Specific lesson locations include, but not limited to:

A) Northern Saddle Club Grounds B) Raven Ridge Equestrian Ctr. C) Broken Wire Farms D) River Rock Ranch

Coaching - Toronto ON
Coaching Jumping Lesson

If you have an arena with safe footing, I can travel to your place for regular lessons or clinics.
(travel and/or arena fees may apply depending on location)

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