Lesson Rates for 2024

Private Lessons: $50/hr

GST Included

On your own, leased or borrowed horse. Private lessons give you the opportunity to have one on one personalized attention from Clare. Lessons can be on the flat or over fences. 

Semi Privates:
$37/hr per rider
(2 riders)

GST Included

Share your lesson with just one other rider.  This works well if both if your  and your horses are at similar levels and are focusing on similar activities.  Sometimes it’s nice to be able see what the other rider is doing and you can improve your awareness of how you and your horse are  working together.

Group Lessons:
$30/hr per rider 
(3-5 riders)

GST Included

Ride with a group of your friends. Group sessions are great for lessons over jumps.  All riders must have at least 2 private lessons before moving into a group.


Lessons are regularly held at the Smithers Fairgrounds.

Other locations include but are not limited to:

  • Raven Ridge Equestrian Ctr.
  • Broken Wire Farms,
  • Rocky River Ranch,
  • Rocky Rose Ranch,
  • Houston (location TBA)


Arena Fees:

Some locations charge an arena fee on top of my lesson rate.


Travel Fees:

In some instances I have to charge a traveling fee. This fee is most often divided among the number of participating riders.

There are no arena or traveling fees for regular Lessons held at the Smithers Fairgrounds but you will need to be a member of the Northern Saddle Club.

Coaching in Winter

Winter Coaching in fabulous covered arenas with Great footing.

Thank you Melicia Robinson, Kelly Mattson and Geri & John Brown. 

I’m very grateful to have such nice facilities to work out of!

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