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Clare Hobson Licensed EC Competition English Coach - Dressage

I am not one to “blow my own horn” or “market my own skills” so writing about what I do pushes me outside of my comfort zone.

I rode horses for over twenty years and coached professionally for fourteen of them. In pursuit of attaining higher levels of equestrian riding and coaching skills I ventured out from Smithers to Ontario. (London and then Toronto)

Coaching at Kilbyrne Stables - London ON
Coaching at Kilbyrne Stables - London ON

Back to Vancouver BC in 1999 my journey changed direction to follow an Internet business building path. Riding and coaching activities were placed on hold.

The next twenty years were spent learning “life” skills, building websites, marketing alternative health products, managing staff and servicing customer needs.

Through a series of circumstances, I find myself living once again in the Bulkley Valley and have the opportunity to rekindle a connection with horses. An unintentional full circle.

Schooling Medium Trot. Ontario
Warm-up on Barney

I offer a huge heartfelt thank you to my new wonderful friend (you know who you are) for bravely reaching out to me for lessons. After such a long hibernation I wasn’t sure I could still coach but you truly have inspired me to take action and step back into this amazingly creative work with horses.

Teaching a Lunging Lesson
Lunging Pik Campbel River BC

I am so very grateful for all the horses, coaches and riders that helped me build a foundation of technical knowledge, correct basics and safe practices.

A huge thank you to all my current students, for taking a leap of faith. I am truly humbled for the trust you have in my approach to riding.

Clare Coaching at Blacks Equestrian, Hamilton ON
Schooling 'Brodie' Danish Warmblood - Welland ON

I am not sure what took place in the gap of time away from riding, but I now “see” and “feel” so much more from the horses and riders expression and movements.

I believe I now offer more depth, compassion, patience and understanding to seasoned and blossoming equestrian riders.

I can’t promise first place ribbons at competitions nor “fix” a hard core problem horse.

What I can promise is that I will help you improve your position, your riding skills, methodically & meticulously, and broaden your understanding of your horses motion, actions technically and creatively.

Clare Hobson Licensed EC Competition English Coach

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