Schooling 'Axil' Thoroughbred Cross - Toronto ON
  • Good riders are thinking riders.
  • Good riders have a goal to work towards and a flexible plan on how to get there.
  • Good riders have to THINK ahead.
  • Good riders have to think FASTER than their horse.
  • Every time you ride you are “training” your horse consciously and/or unconsciously.

It takes TIME to learn all the stuff and – unfortunately NONE of us can learn all we need to in just one or two sessions.

Everything your horse does is a reflection of you and your thinking. For example, lets say you are riding in an arena space, practicing some stuff and your horse wanders around without purpose. Generally that is a rider issue. How focused is your mind? Do you “SEE” the pattern you want to ride/practice? Or, do you have scrambled egg thoughts without focus?

YOU have to THINK to get the good stuff out of the horse – any horse! : Admittedly, this is difficult while we are learning the basic stuff because we don’t know what we should be looking for or what the right feelings are supposed to be like.

THIS is why it takes a LONG time to become proficient. Each thing you learn is a valuable lesson and sometimes the most difficult session, teaches us the most!

You Learn the HOW TO’s from friends, peers, trainers and coaches… but the HORSE teaches you the FEEL

Enjoy everything the horse can teach you as all of it develops you into a better person.

Happy Riding!

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